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Prefabricated building module.

Horses need room. For this reason, SCHLOSSER builds riding arenas of compelling design. In both quality and substance with a unique diversity of innovative, functional and horse-friendly details. However, not only the steed but also the rider needs room. And that's what they now both can have. In the HippoCASE: an innovative product by the Schlosser company, to meet the growing needs and expectations of horse enthusiasts. At all levels.

The HippoCASE is the flexible and innovative "sitting room" for riders.

The HippoCASE, a prefabricated building module, creates an additional room as an extension of the riding arena or as a separately erected building in its own space. Within the shortest space of time. Whether for sanitary facilities, a practical changing room area or a cosy "Rider's Den" - the HippoCASE fulfils all wishes and is always flexible. It not only can be installed in a new riding arena hall but also in an existing hall. On request, the HippoCASE can be delivered fully assembled and then installed. It only remains to be connected up to the electricity, water and sewage mains. And your HippoCASE is then ready for immediate use.