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Indoor riding arena construction

. Arena extension
. Safety kick walls
. Mounting aid
. Riding arena footing
. Irrigation systems
. Sash window system
. Technikelement
. Lighting with system
. Sound system
. Rail storage
. Decorative elements
. Riding arena mirrors

Mounting aid - "SCHLOSSER Aufstieg-Profi"

Riding arena construction in practice.

Even though it makes a very athletic impression, mounting directly from the ground damages the horse's spine. Veterinarians recommend mounting a horse from a step. SCHLOSSER has developed and patented a built-in solution: the "Aufstieg-Profi", a small platform that can also be fitted easily into an existing kick wall.

The benefits: the spine of the horse is not subjected to one-sided torsional stress, the saddle tree doesn't get twisted and the saddle is no longer awkwardly torqued. The height of the slip-proof platform can be adjusted as required. The patented Aufstieg-Profi is extremely easy to use, it closes silently and withdraws discretely back into the kick wall without protrusions. It is available for all our kick wall designs.