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Indoor riding arena construction

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SCHLOSSER® Indoor riding arena construction

We bring functionality to life.

The indoor riding arena is usually the centrepiece of most riding facilities and equestrian centres. Its range of utilisation possibilities and connection with other buildings such as stables, grooming bays etc. are important factors in the planning process.
SCHLOSSER offers a wide variety of building types and a rich assortment of fitting and equipment options to make "living and working" more agreeable for you and everyone involved in the project. Designed to harmonise with the surrounding landscape, the exteriors of our riding arenas also make a more than positive impression.

Proficient planning for indoor riding arena construction.
We at SCHLOSSER are only satisfied when, after intensive consultations with the customer, we are confident that everything is right - even down to your gut feeling for the building. Our experienced team ensures that this too is taken care of. Our architects and engineers from the planning consultancy, the carpenters from production and everyone else involved all make their contribution. The results are individual concepts that have been thought through to the last detail - and riding arenas and stables in which horses and riders feel equally at home.

Every riding arena is unique.
This is the premise from which we work. Nevertheless, we do have a series of unchanging criteria that always apply and often form the basis for individual SCHLOSSER-specific products and buildings. For instance, the basic SCHLOSSER indoor riding arena for which you as the customer can choose from a wide range of options in fittings, equipment and extensions etc. The SCHLOSSER quality characteristics still remain the same: a functional and well-conceived interior layout, optimal ventilation and illumination, robust safety kick walls, optimal footing, and the installation of a powerful sprinkler system to name but a few.