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Indoor riding arena construction

. Arena extension
. Safety kick walls
. Mounting aid
. Riding arena footing
. Irrigation systems
. Sash window system
. Technikelement
. Lighting with system
. Sound system
. Rail storage
. Decorative elements
. Riding arena mirrors

Riding arena footing

The optimum footing for your riding arena.

The selection of riding arena footing allows many options. SCHLOSSER offers three different tried and proven footings. Upon request, we can also supply your "favourite footing".
Natural surfaces made of wood shavings or clay and sand in the widest variety of mixing ratios, combined bases of concrete or gravel, surface layers made of diverse synthetic materials - there are many types of good footings. But only one is the right one for you. Together we will find the best solution to suit your requirements and we will also give you valuable advice in regard to care and management.

Riding arena footing: HippoSH
This surface material is made of sand and wood mixed together on site and installed over an existing base. Our HippoSH is particularly suitable for jumping and dressage.

Riding arena footing: HippoSF
This footing is also spread directly over the existing base. Where possible, we use sand that can be sourced locally for this footing. Good riding sand should consist of a very hard material that has been washed clean, such as quartz or granite. We will gladly advise you on the selection of the right type of sand to suit your individual preferences.

Riding arena footing: HippoEF
This surface material is designed for the outdoor riding arena and requires a complex foundation structure. A drainage pipe system is installed over the watertight liner and connected to a regulation reservoir. This is then all covered by the optimal footing for your requirements. The moisture level should remain constant in this layer; it is controlled by the regulation shaft. Irrigation and drainage can be controlled fully automatically and simultaneously by means of this system, while the hardness of the riding underground is regulated by the water level. An absolute top quality and optimal solution to suit all requirements.
To give the footing the requisite stability and elasticity, synthetic fibres must be added in the correct mixing ratio depending on the discipline. The benefits: the requisite moisture level in the footing is ensured and the composition of the riding surface can be adjusted to the individual preferences of the rider.