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Indoor riding arena construction

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Rail storage

On the spot.

At many arenas, the rails are put to different uses in daily operations. To ensure that the distance to the storage facilities is not too far and to minimise the time required for fetching, setting up and removing the rails, we at SCHLOSSER have developed a series of practical approaches for convenient rail storage.

Rail storage bay
This solution is based on a rail storage space that is integrated into the kick wall. It offers storage space for eight to a maximum of 15 rails. Even if this is still not sufficient, at least some of the rails can be stored right beside the riding space. The door of the SCHLOSSER rail store is opened in the kick wall by means of a high-quality wing hinge and is then swung outwards and upwards.

The decisive advantages include
  • Invisible storage room for rails and cups
  • Rails are stored where they are needed
  • Short distances

Rail hold
Alternatively, an open storage hold is also available for approximately 32 rails. Depending on the building or arena, this can be installed in the arena extension, in the grooming bay area or in a separate rail storage area.

Rail storage
For the obstacles, a separate storage space can be created, either as an extension onto the riding arena building or in the form of an interior storage room. From the technical perspective, this involves the greatest amount of building effort but offers the largest amount of storage space. All materials such as rails, rail cups, cavaletti, hand tools, footing maintenance tools (such as rakes) can be stored conveniently and easily. Depending on the size, the rail storeroom can also be used for other purposes such as for the inverter of a photovoltaic system.