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Our Corporate Philosophy

. Performance guarantees
. RAL seal of approval

The SCHLOSSER® performance guarantees

and the SCHLOSSER® environmental and energy philosophy

We at SCHLOSSER guarantee that all services are performed in compliance with the applicable directives and guidelines. This is not merely to assure you of the success of your building project, but rather to convey the high standards and seriousness with which we approach project design.

In our company, the personal efforts of each individual employee ensure that the performance guarantees and environmental and energy philosophy are applied and practiced.

The SCHLOSSER® performance guarantees
  • Reliability guarantee
  • Competence guarantee
  • Quality guarantee
  • Innovation guarantee
  • Construction process guarantee
  • Price-performance guarantee

  • The SCHLOSSER® environmental and energy philosophy
  • Environmental protection in practice
  • Energy planning
  • Energy generation concept
  • Energy recycling concept
  • Timber construction philosophy
  • Future-oriented technology