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Our Corporate Philosophy

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Everything we think, everything we do is centred around you, our customer.

All-round customer service: SCHLOSSER offers the entire range of services from one source, from advisory services through to planning and implementation. Hand in hand with you our customer, we develop the right strategy for your construction project. We're not just interested in pretty facades, we want to get to the core of things. In our eyes, the success of a project not only depends on how the finished building meets the practical needs of its users but also on the access it offers to meaning, place, and relevance in their lives, how it touches them and makes them feel.

You will recognise our high standards of "zero error quality" at all times. SCHLOSSER employees are as impeccable in their demeanour as in their working attire, our motor pool is well-groomed, the machines maintained to the highest standards possible. Every construction project is perfectly planned and implemented, agreements and appointments are adhered to without exception.

Experience the innovation of today and the ideas of tomorrow…