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Quality construction advice from SCHLOSSER®

Hand-in-hand, from start to finish.

The advisory services provided by our experts will be sure to offer you new and unimagined perspectives. For us, talking to our customers means: understanding and accepting their ideas and putting our entire know-how at their disposal.

We will assist you in developing a strategic concept with a concrete objective from an idea or a vision, we will inform you objectively and competently about utilisation and demand, and we will help you navigate the maze of rules and regulations involved in building permission applications and approvals. Hand in hand we will also address the questions of financing and the optimum strategy for energy supply. To ensure that you are always ideally equipped to make your decisions, we will provide you not only with sound advice but also with the initial blueprints in the early phase of the project. This all falls under our SCHLOSSER performance guarantee. Planning and building under guarantee.